Kiddie Kick (U5)

Fall 2014- U04/U05 Division (Kiddie Kick)


Tuesday Evening & Saturday Morning
Kiddie Kick Coordinator
& Head Coach

Josh Crowder

Tuesday Morning
Kiddie Kick Coordinator &
Head Coach

Teresa Paz

Site/Location: Chancellor’s Run Regional Park, Field #2 (At the start of the season)
Chancellor’s Run Regional Park Field #4 will be used only if lights are needed.  You will be notified in advance of this via Broadcast Email and this webpage is this is necessary.


We hope you will consider the SMS U5 Kiddie Kick Program for your Under-5 Son/Daughter.

Tuesday Morning Session Time: 10:00a – 11:15a
Tuesday Afternoon Session Time: 6:00p – 7:15p

Saturday Session Time: 8:00a - 9:15a

Important Program Information:
Welcome to the St. Mary’s Soccer U5 Division (Kiddie Kick)!
The U04/U05 Kiddie Kick Division operates as a weekly (one day per week – six sessions) soccer clinic at Chancellor’s Run Regional Park, field #2.
Note: You will be notified in advance of ANY changes to this via SMYS Broadcast Email and this webpage!
The U04/U05 Kiddie Kick
 Division is split into three separate programmatic sessions (Tuesday Morning, Tuesday Afternoon, or Saturday).
Your child has been assigned to one of those days, based on your request when you registered.

Here's the complete schedule for Kiddie Kick:

Tuesday AM & PM Saturday AM
Sept. 16 Sept 13
Sept. 23 Sept 20
Sept. 30 Sept 27
Oct. 7 Oct. 4
Oct 14 Oct. 18
Oct 21 Oct. 25

NOTE:  There will not be a Saturday Session on Oct. 11th due to Columbus Day holiday.
If raindates are required, we will announce them separately.

Tuesday Morning sessions begin on Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014
Tuesday Afternoon sessions begin on Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2104 
Saturday sessions begin on Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014

We will start early at the first session for some administrative items such as check-in, jersey distribution, parent indoctrination and volunteer parent-coach indoctrination.

Please arrive 30 minutes early for session 1 (all groups).  PLEASE REMEMBER that you CANNOT just drop your child off and leave; a responsible adult must be at the field for the entire session. In case of bad or potential bad weather, check the website at www.stmaryssoccer.org for cancellations, since we cannot call everyone. If in doubt, please check the website.

The SMS Director of Coaching, Tony Galeano, will oversee and coordinate the U04/U05 Kiddie Kick Program.  The Kiddie Kick Division Manager, Chandra Norton 
will assist with the coordination and administration of the program.  The coordinator will also be assisted by additional volunteer coaches and parents. WANT TO HELP?  Please register to volunteer here.  Each Kiddie Kick Team (there will be 4 teams in each session day) will need at least 4 volunteer parent coaches to work with the teams children at each session (that’s 16 volunteer parent coaches needed for each session day). This includes both the fun games curriculum as well as their end of clinic matches.
If you're interested in being a volunteer coach - please make sure you note that during the registration process.  Thank you for your consideration, there can be no Kiddie Kick without your involvement!

The first week/session can be a little hectic…, but things settle down once everyone understands the routine.
Goals of the U04/U05 Kiddie Kick Program are:
This program introduces our youngest players to the game of soccer.
The ultimate goal of the program is for your children to foster a love for the game of soccer and to begin learning very basic soccer skills through fun, soccer related activities that are age appropriate.

What your child will need for the U04/U05 Kiddie Kick Program:
All players are required to wear shin guards covered by socks, sneakers (or cleats if you have them), and the Kiddie Kick T-Shirt (which you will receive at the first session). Your child will also need to have a size 3 soccer ball (marked with their name) and water.

Content of each session:
Each session will be in two phases:
1. Skill Development Phase: Through fun, soccer related activities (approximately 30 minutes).
- Players split into 4 training groups. Each training group (or team) will need 4 volunteer parent coaches to work with the children.
- Players will train (play fun games) at one of four “stations” assigned to each team.  The fun games will come from the SMS Kiddie Kick curriculum set for each session. Children will be given water breaks during the fun games as needed.
2. Small Sided Games: We will end each session by playing small sided games.
- Games will be played by splitting each group up so that we can create 4 v 4 or 3 v 3 in a small field setting (approximately 30 minutes) – No Goalkeepers at this age group.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please keep in mind that the entire clinic session can run anywhere from 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. The length of each session depends on how much the children can handle at their age. Some can go longer than others depending on their day…


U5 Kiddie Kick Weekly Session Curriculum:

U5 Kiddie Kick - Session 1      
U5 Kiddie Kick - Session 2    
U5 Kiddie Kick - Session 3
U5 Kiddie Kick - Session 4
U5 Kiddie Kick - Session 5

U5 Kiddie Kick - Session 6